iGO, the newest ride-hailing company developed and introduced by Famalco Group, has hit the Maltese roads. The company’s main aspiration is to effectively provide consumers with a ride-hailing service that is highly accessible and affordable, and that is operated through the use of the latest technology with 24/7 ease of booking convenience, journey tracking as well as free WiFi in all cars.

Although a relatively new service in the mobility industry, with the founding idea behind the service recognized less than a decade ago, the immense global popularity of ride-hailing services across continents, countries and states is not to be taken likely.  Locals and tourists around the world have quickly and resolutely made the shift from a traditional taxi service into a ride-hailing service, recognizing the advantages using this method of transportation has.

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Whilst the obvious advantages for customers using ride-hailing services are namely the cheaper fares, 24/7 quick service, easy payment scheme, and ease of booking a cab, the ride-hailing industry has also opened the doors for many ambitious individuals to try their hand behind the wheel.

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The prospect of becoming a driver is an increasingly enticing one. Unlike many professions, drivers within the ride-hailing industry enjoy an incredible sense of overwhelming freedom and flexibility; highly sought after conveniences. Although still working under the name of a company, drivers also enjoy the opportunity to be their own boss, setting their own hours, and working as much as they’d like in their outside office.

Drivers also enjoy the reliability and ease of the ride-hailing applications, like Famalco’s iGO app, which takes a lot the logistical concerns away, leaving drivers to focus solely on the service they provide. The driver’s iGO application also serves as a highly dependent co-pilot, aiding and assisting drivers with all the information they require, ensuring the service for the consumer is highly streamline.

And what’s better than meeting new people? While making new friends won’t happen in every ride, one can definitely learn something out of every ride. Every person picked up, brings new cards to the table.

For any individuals keen on starting and enjoying a career within the mobility industry, or acquiring a stable second source of income, ride-hailing companies like iGO are primed and offering the opportunity.

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