iGO CAB service is now available on Meep, the sustainable urban mobility App. Meep provides you with all the available transport options and routes that best match your preferences. It lists all the available modes of transport and allows you to pick the best option – all within one single app. You can pay through the Meep App and jump on an iGO taxi in as little as 5 minutes.
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The way people travel across cities has become more complex. Shared motorcycles, rental bicycles, electric scooters, taxis and by-the-minute  rental cars now share space on the urban map with more traditional means of transport like buses. The boom in these mobility solutions has generated the need for an easier way to pick the best option for the journey at hand.

Meep is a Spanish start-up, born in 2017 as a multimodal mobility solution to combine all forms of transport in a single application that helps you pick. At the moment, it covers Malaga, Valencia, Lisbon and Malta, but intends to other territories very quickly.

Meep shows you all the different combinations including public transport, ride-sharing, cars, motorbikes, bicycles and taxis. All at your fingertips to pick the fastest most sustainable way to reach your destination. It shows you the length, duration and carbon footprint of each mode of transport so you can easily opt for the greener option or the one that suits your pockets.

iGO is proud to be one of the fastest and greenest options on Meep. Check us out on MEEP today.


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