Why buy a Car? says iGO

October 21st, 2019|iGO News|

With the introduction of the ride-hailing business into the Maltese transportation market, a lot of discussion and deliberation has been held by individuals within the public sector into the use of this service as a primary method of transportation, and as an alternative to the purchasing of traditional privately owned [...]

The Benefits of Ride-Hailing Over Private Car Usage.

September 19th, 2019|iGO News|

Ride-hailing is being considered as the modernization of the traditional chauffeur driven taxi service. Through Ride-hailing, customers are able to hail vehicles, view drivers and consider prices beforehand, conveniently done through the simplicity of a single downloadable application. When taking Malta into consideration, the majority of the population on the [...]

Earn the extra buck with iGO

September 19th, 2019|iGO News|

iGO, the newest ride-hailing company developed and introduced by Famalco Group, has hit the Maltese roads. The company’s main aspiration is to effectively provide consumers with a ride-hailing service that is highly accessible and affordable, and that is operated through the use of the latest technology with 24/7 ease [...]

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