iGO Privacy Policy

  1. Transport services provided under the iGO brand are operated by Flash Drive Limited (C88618), a company duly incorporated in Malta with its registered office at ‘ONEONEO’, Pitkali Road, Attard, ATD 2214;
  2. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain to iGO customers how and for what purpose iGO obtains, stores and processes personal data that can identify them. Any person not agreeing with this policy or any part of it should not make use of the services provided by iGO and should not make use of their Website or Application.
  3. iGO collects and processes the following personal data of its customers:
    1. Name & Surname;
    2. Mobile telephone number;
    3. Email address;
    4. Correspondence;
    5. Geographical location;
    6. Details relating to the time and destination of the trip;
    7. Payment details & information;
    8. Identification data of the device from which the services of iGO are accessed;
  4. The personal data that is collected by iGO is processed for the following purposes:
    1. In order to be able to carry out the service requested by customers;
    2. To share data with iGO employees and third parties when required, in performing its service;
    3. To present to clients updated information on the website and application software of iGO;
    4. To inform customers about services that might be of their interest;
    5. To analyse the data collected for the improvement of the services offered by iGO and to further develop their business;
    6. To communicate any updates and changes to our service.
  5. Personal data is retained by iGO for the following purposes:
    1. To adhere to statutory obligations;
    2. To adhere to financial reporting obligations;
    3. To fulfil its accounting obligations;
    4. To safeguard its interests including but not limited to any claim ascertained or otherwise;
    5. For other legitimate business interests;
  6. Due to the above diverse considerations, the retention periods vary accordingly as follows:
    1. Data related to the customer’s profile is retained for 5 years from the last usage date;
    2. Data relating to complaints, issues concerning any type of damage, booking confirmations and payment details are retained for a period of 10 years;
    3. Data may be retained for longer periods if required so by law.
  7. iGO may also collect information about the customer’s computer, IP address when available, browser type and operating system used;
  8. iGO’s website makes use of cookies so as to enhance the experience of its customers. Cookies distinguish between the various users of the website. Users consent and agree to the use of cookies through their continued browsing of the website;
  9. Cookies monitor the behaviour of users and how they use the iGO website.
  10. Cookies collect information in an anonymous form and do not identify users personally.
  11. Google Analytics are part of the cookies set on the iGO website. Google Analytic’s privacy policy is found at: http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html;
  12. iGO’s website uses features that leave their own cookies (third party cookies). These cookies are not governed by this policy but have their respective policies in place. More information about the policies adopted by these third party cookies may be obtained from the respective website from which they originate;
  13. iGO will be mainly offering its services to customers through the iGO mobile application. Such application can be downloaded and installed on any Android (Google) or Apple based device;
  14. By downloading, installing and using the iGO Application, customers opt-in to receive automatic real-time text notifications in relation to the status of their booked iGO cab and other notifications relating the services offered by iGO.
  15. Information obtained through the iGO Application is stored securely on iGO’s servers;
  16. iGO will not retain data for periods longer than necessary;
  17. iGO may transmit and disclose your information to its employees and/or any company that is a subsidiary of Famalco Holdings Ltd. and its respective employees, being the mother company of Flash Drive Ltd., operating iGO. The mentioned employees may also process data of customers.
  18. iGO will take all steps reasonably necessary to the data of customers is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy and applicable laws. iGO will put in place stringent security features to prevent any unauthorised access to data;
  19. Personal information of customers may be disclosed to third parties by iGO in the event that the business or part of it, is in any way transferred;
  20. Personal information of customers may be also disclosed to third parties by iGO when: 1) under any legal obligation to do so, 2) in order to preserve the safety and well-being of its customers, 3) in order to protects its own rights and interests, 4) in enforcing its terms and conditions, 5) for credit risk reduction, and 6) in pursuing any judicial action to protect or enforce its rights and interests;
  21. Customers have at all times the right to request iGO information as to what personal data about them is being processed and held. Customers may request that such data is deleted or that the processing is restricted;
  22. Administrative charges may apply when customers request the provision of copies of their personal data that is held by iGO. Charges which will be brought to the customer’s attention beforehand;
  23. Data collected by iGO may be stored on servers situated inside the European Economic Area (EEA);
  24. Customers may at all times withdraw their consent from receiving marketing communication by unsubscribing through the facility provided in the same email;
  25. Customers may wish to exercise any of their rights by writing to iGO on: [email protected];
  26. iGO uses a Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) System at its head office for the safety and security of employees and the general public against crime;
  27. iGO may at times make use of dash-cams on their vehicles. Dash-cams will not record iGO customers inside vehicles;
  28. This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time to reflect the exigencies of the