Ride-hailing is being considered as the modernization of the traditional chauffeur driven taxi service. Through Ride-hailing, customers are able to hail vehicles, view drivers and consider prices beforehand, conveniently done through the simplicity of a single downloadable application.

Book a Cab in MaltaWhen taking Malta into consideration, the majority of the population on the island own and maintain private vehicles. An argument can be made that this is mostly due to the limited route reach of the public transport services, as well as of course personal convenience. Ride-hailing, although relatively new, has become an increasingly popular niche in Malta. Much of its popularity stems from 3 highly sought after fundamental factors; safety, economic and accessibility. Through these crucial attributes, ride-hailing companies like iGO, offer their customers excellent transport alternatives.

The use of a ride-hailing service, helps lift constraints on an enjoyable night out, where the transportation service becomes the night’s designated driver, providing customers with trained drivers, whose visible user rating is on display, guaranteeing their professional service at all times. Ride-hailing also initiatives offer fantastic job opportunities for enterprising drivers looking for full-time or part-time employment.

Worldwide, the ride-hailing phenomenon is also quickly changing the population’s mind-set. For many individuals the daunting prospect of financing a vehicle, through its yearly expenses and surprise maintained has become a questionable endeavor.

While constant improvements and maintenance are always being done on their systems, customers are currently easily using the service to effectively hail a ride and arrive at their destination within minutes, without the worry of parking or the troubles of driving. Book your Cab Now with iGO.